After successfully growing organic vegetables at home, I started Veggies Grow to help busy people living in urban areas start their own organic vegetable garden using the space, time, and energy that they can spare.

I’ve been a gardener all my life but started growing vegetables just a couple of years ago while working fulltime.

My journey of growing organic vegetables started in a hurry. I started without a plan and wasn’t interested in taking the time to find out the right conditions that each type of plant needed or why it was important to keep a gardening journal, because I couldn’t wait to grow more and more vegetables.

It was only after a while that I realized that I had started too many plants than I had the space for and could care for. This meant that my seedlings ended up being unhealthy, easily affected by pests and I lost a lot of them. Although the okra plants that I planted came up with ease and were producing in no time, I didn’t take the time to find out how many plants I’d actually need to feed a family of 4 and ended up getting a harvest of only 1 okra every other day.

All these mistakes made me realize the value of planning my vegetable garden before actually starting it.

Recently, I’ve moved house and have had to start my vegetable garden from scratch all over again. This time through I’m using the lessons I’ve learnt from my past experience in growing vegetables and trying to create the best and most productive garden I’ve ever grown despite having a lot less space than I used to have.

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