Not sure how or where to keep a record of your vegetable garden?

Purchase the Vibrant Vegetable Garden Journal today!

Front Cover

The Vibrant Vegetable Garden Journal includes 32 different page formats + 5 pages with an inspirational gardening quote each that you can mix and match to create a vegetable garden journal that is truly unique to you and your needs.

Purchase your Vibrant Vegetable Garden Journal today!

Page formats included:

  • Cover page and 2 inner cover pages
  • 5 pages of inspiring gardening quotes
  • Pages to record what you are growing
  • Pages to help you keep track of your seeds and gardening tools and equipment
  • Pages to help you keep a record of garden care including mulching and watering
  • Growing guide format and pages to help you record what you like and don’t like to grow
  • Pages to help you record observations of your garden so that you don’t miss anything
  • Gardening planning pages
  • Page to help you create your garden layout
  • Notes pages
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