Looking Forward to 2023 by looking back on all you’ve achieved in 2022

Looking Back on 2022

“I think in order to move forward into the future, you need to know where you’ve been.”

Charles Williams

As we start the new year aiming to grow a bigger and better vegetable garden in 2023, it can be helpful to first take a look back on all that you’ve achieved in your vegetable garden during the past year.

Remembering how seeing the first seedlings emerge, and getting your first harvest of the year can all be very motivating. You may also have lessons you’ve learned while growing your vegetables that you may want to use this year.

There may be vegetables that you’ve really enjoyed growing and eating that you are really waiting to grow again this year. Then, there may also be vegetables that you really found difficult to grow or didn’t get much use of that you wouldn’t like to grow again. Making a quick list of both these types of vegetables can help you really narrow down what you should concentrate on when creating your gardening plans.

So, to make it easier to record all of these in one place, we’ve created a little workbook for you that you can print off and use. It should take you only about 15 minutes to fill it all in but you’ll feel so much more motivated once you do.

After you’ve filled in the workbook you’ll be able to identify your gardening resolutions for 2023. Please fill free to share them in the comments below and also on your own Facebook or Instagram account for accountability. Make sure you use the hashtag #VeggiesGrow when you do.

We have a lot more planned to help you with growing your own vegetables so stay tuned. Here’s hoping that you will be able to grow your best-ever vegetable garden in 2023!

Download your free workbook here:

Looking Forward to 2023 by looking back on all you’ve achieved in 2022

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