21 vegetables and herbs you can grow even if you have sandy soil

Vegetables and Herbs that will grow in sandy soil 3

Most vegetables grow best in loamy soils, but you needn’t worry if you live in a coastal area and only have sandy soil. Instead of spending money and time amending your soil, there are vegetables and herbs that you can grow right in your sandy soil by adding compost and other organic matter. Some of these vegetables actually prefer sandy soils while others will tolerate sandy soil.

Root vegetables 

Root vegetables are grown for their long taproots. Heavier water-logged soils result in deformed or not well-grown root vegetables. Sandy soils are the best as they provide more wiggle room for these plants to send down their roots deep into the ground without any obstruction.

1. Carrots


2. Radishes


3. Beetroot


4. Parsnips


5. Turnips


6. Cassava


Bulbs, tubers, and other vegetables that grow in the ground


7. Onions

Although onions can be grown in many types of soils from light sandy soils to heavy clay loamy soils, they grow well in sandy soils as long as they are watered frequently. 


8. Potatoes

Potatoes grow well in sandy soils that are full of organic matter and drain well. Wetter soils cause potatoes to rot, while heavier soils lead to potatoes that are deformed. 

Sweet potato

9. Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a root tuber that needs warm temperatures and grows best in sandy soils because the ground can easily be penetrated. However, sweet potato plants are not at all fussy about the type of soil that they grow in and will even grow in clayish soil that has a high content of organic matter.  


10. Peanuts

Peanuts are commonly referred to as and most commonly used as a nut but peanut plants are actually legumes. Their tender shoots and leaves can be used as greens, while immature pods can be used as a vegetable.

The pod that encases the peanuts penetrates the ground and grows in the soil after the flower is pollinated and fertilized. Although peanuts will do well in most types of well-draining soils that are high in organic matter, they have a preference for sandy soils due to the penetrating action of the fertilized pods.

Gourd vegetables

All gourd vegetables do best in sandy soils that are rich in organic matter and drain well. Some gourd vegetables cannot tolerate wet soils at all while some can grow in them but are easily affected by diseases. 

11. Pumpkin

Has to have sandy soil: doesn’t tolerate wet, mildly water-logged soils at all


12. Luffa

 Prefers sandy soil: more likely to be affected by diseases when grown in wetter soil types


13. Cucumber

Can be grown in any type of soil, including sandy soils, as long as it drains well


Other vegetables


14. Okra

Okra plants are not fussy at all about the type of soil but prefer sandy soils that are high in organic matter and drain well as long as it’s warm enough. 


15. Lettuce

Lettuce can grow well in sandy soils as long as they are watered daily and the soil is never allowed to fully dry out. 

Collard greens

16. Collard greens

Although collard greens prefer loamy soils they can be grown in sandy soils as long as they are watered regularly. 


17. Asparagus

Asparagus grows well in any type of well-draining soil, including sandy soils.


Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow and some herbs prefer to grow in well-draining sandy soils.


18. Oregano


19. Thyme


20. Rosemary


21. Sage

As you can see quite a few different types of vegetables and herbs tolerate or thrive in sandy soils, which means that having sandy soil is no excuse to not grow your own vegetables and herbs. 

21 vegetables and herbs you can grow even if you have sandy soil

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